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E04 – Intersectionality

What is it, does it work, and how is applied in the vegan community.


In Episode 4 of The Rational Vegan, We discuss these gaps in perspective, how intersectionality is unfairly leveled against animal justice campaigns via one way critique, the hypocrisies of those who use it selectively, how it can help lay bare the hypocrisies in the animal justice movement, and how intersectionality can be used to integrate the push for animal liberation into all social justice campaigns.

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E04 – Intersectionality What is it, does it work, and how is applied in the vegan community.

Intersectionality has become something of a buzz term in activist circles as of late. Although the “One struggle, One fight” value has been recognized as a part of social justice practice for quite some time, new interpretations have led activists to ...
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E03 – Ice Cream Hype: Are We “Winning”? Ben & Jerry's, Corporate Capitalists, and Humane Meat

In Episode three Kurt and Scott unpack the exuberance over the release of non-dairy ice cream flavors by long-time animal exploiter Ben & Jerry's, and what it might mean.   A harmless exercise in personal preference, a sign of things to come, or a vi...
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E02 – Against Echo Chambers Logic, Confirmation Bias, and Skepticism

In Episode 02 we discuss the inherent relationship between rational thought and veganism, attempting to address both the importance of emotional appeals to feeling beings and where the balance should lie between emotion and rational thinking when presenting ve...
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Direct Action Everywhere – A Critique

DIRECT ACTION EVERYWHERE With the expansion of vegan awareness in dominant culture also comes an expansion of activism tactics and strategies in order to keep the various issues at the forefront of dialogue. Some of these tactics or strategies have been seemingly organically born with the expanded idea of what veganism is and the reasons […]

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Animals Killed During Crop Production: Not As Many As You Think

A discussion came up on Facebook recently about the death of small animals, or rodents, during crop production, and how this is a blow against veganism due to its strictly compassionate doctrine (i.e. that by harvesting crops for consumption, animal exploitation is occurring). There are several assumptions being made in that argument, and after some […]

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An Introduction

I'll start with saying what this blog is not: This isn't an attempt to capitalize on the growing "vegan" trend. The end goal is not to develop a readership in order to market or monetize.  This is not yet another blog meant to post recipes, to talk about my vegan journey, or to post vegan memes.  There is already an overabundance of sites like those.  The last thing the growing vegan community needs is another blog of recipes, diet plans, or anything...

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