Intersectionality has become something of a buzz term in activist circles as of late. Although the “One struggle, One fight” value has been recognized as a part of social justice practice for quite some time, new interpretations have led activists to use it as a weapon against each other, discrediting movements for “not being intersectional enough”. The animal justice movement and its consideration of the lives of animals, however, has often been on the fringe of these activist communities and continues to be disregarded in this discussion of intersectionality.
In Episode 4 of The Rational Vegan, We discuss these gaps in perspective, how intersectionality is unfairly leveled against animal justice campaigns via one way critique, the hypocrisies of those who use it selectively, how it can help lay bare the hypocrisies in the animal justice movement, and how intersectionality can be used to integrate the push for animal liberation into all social justice campaigns.