In Episode 0 we introduce you to the podcast and our motivations to create discussions we feel are important to animal justice issues. We briefly explain the logically consistent, scientifically valid basis of rationalism, why it is inherent to veganism, and how it can guide strategic and effective action towards animal liberation through argumentation that is ethically consistent, without confirmation bias, not emotionally based, and logically infallible. We go further to discuss what this podcast will NOT be, in that we are not interested in talking about diet, fitness, or any individual lifestyle component of veganism that isn’t part of the discussion of veganism as an ethical whole. As hosts, we layout the commonalities we have and which will inform our discussions for future episodes, from our backgrounds in the underground music scene where we developed our vegan ethic to our atheism that is also informed, in part, by the rationalist perspective. All the same, we address the divides we have as individuals, from reformism and radicalism to civilization and anti-civilization strategy. Finally, we introduce you to us, as hosts, explaining our backgrounds and a bit about our personal lives.